First-Hand Knowledge From A Water Damage Restoration Technician

First-Hand Knowledge From A Water Damage Restoration Technician

By Kaiser Odeh

A lot goes into performing water damage restoration in your home. Properly qualified professionals take training courses and receive IICRC certification before ever stepping foot in your home.

With that said, performing something as simple as repairing water damaged drywall in your home takes some preparation. A true professional removes water from the affected area repairs the source of the problem and eliminates any hazards that exist before the real work begins.

Some water damage is far more dangerous, which leads to sanitation issues, or other contamination if not handled correctly. As a water damage specialist, it is their job to check the integrity of drywall exposed to water in your home. They use infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers to test moisture levels, then use extractors, drying equipment, dehumidifiers, and industrial-grade fans to dry the entire area completely. 

Preparations after extracting the water can take some time. They use drop cloths, tape, and various tools to remove damaged materials, sanitize and disinfect the area, removing insulation and disposing of each material depending on the level of saturation. Once the area is dry, they check and re-check for any signs of moisture, replace any damaged framing, replace insulation, drywall, and carefully work around any utilities in the area.

Paper tape and a drywall compound seal joints, and help apply the appropriate texture, before repainting. Each section gets the attention needed to present homeowners with a fine looking finished product. They always try to go above and beyond, providing results that exceed a homeowners expectations. However, not everyone does. 

You have to trust the company you choose for your restoration. Until you have had the opportunity to use them for a few times, you may be leery about what to expect. It is common for them to answer a bunch of questions and put a customer’s mind at ease before work begins. So, never hesitate to address your concerns.

Contact a qualified water damage restoration company to receive more information about their available services or schedule an appointment, today.


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